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Strange Argumentative Essay Topics - What You Should Know

Strange Argumentative Essay Topics - What You Should KnowWriting strange argumentative essay topics is a challenge. A good writer will come up with a logical foundation to the essay topic and to the point that he/she can write it efficiently.Here's time to tell you which approach to follow: The formal and organized one, or the disorganized one. This essay topic has a specific format, so there are some requirements that you need to meet before you can start writing it. But for sure you must have an inkling how to develop the right thesis statement.The first key aspect is to analyze and discuss what you're writing. From the result of your analysis, you should identify the weaknesses in the argument. Through this process, you will become the best able to analyze the strengths of the situation you're writing about.The second step is to highlight the points that you will be making in the essay. You should understand that every idea you make should be worth discussing. If you need to highl ight one particular idea in the essay, then this should be done in an interesting way.You should realize that this essay topic is not confusing at all. But it may appear confusing at first because of the full analysis, as mentioned above. But you can always take help from the essays available online for example.Even though your essay topic is not complicated, there are times when you may feel uncomfortable writing. For that reason, you can always seek professional advice.A little research on a topic that interests you will give you a good start to create strange argumentative essay topics. If you think you've tried all the ideas and concepts you need to express on a piece of paper, you can apply your creativity to write your own essay topic. Just remember, it takes the whole person to be able to write an essay topic.

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How Nike Changed Its Expansion Strategy - 1362 Words

†¢ Explain how Nike came to that situation through its expansion strategy ‘Although multinationals are eager to pursue the opportunities of increased global integration, they are increasingly aware of the reactions which their strategies induce – both at home and abroad. Thus, they tread warily, lacking clear and agreed-upon definitions of good corporate citizenship. The athletic footwear industry experienced an explosive growth in the last two decades. In 1985, consumers in the United States alone spent $5 billion and purchased 250 million pair of shoes. In 2001, they spent over $13 billion and bought over 335 million pair of shoes. Since displacing Adidas in the early 1980s and Reebok in the early 1990s, Nike has become the largest and†¦show more content†¦However, over the course of the 1990s, a series of public relations nightmares – involving underpaid workers in Indonesia, child labor in Cambodia and Pakistan, and poor working conditions in China and Vietnam – combined to tarnish Nike’s image. How Nike, a company associated with athleticism, health and fitness, and innovative marketing and design, came to become the poster child for the anti-globalization movement provides an interesting window into the potential risks and problems which globalization creates for all multinational corporations.’ †¢ Explain the positive and negative impacts of this strategy ‘In the early 1990s, Nike products were being manufactured in six Indonesian factories, employing more than 25,000 workers. Four of these factories were owned by Nike’s Korean suppliers. As Nike’s presence in Indonesia increased, the factories supplying its products (about six million pairs of shoes per year) came under greater scrutiny. Reports by a variety of NGOs and labor activists claimed that these plants were rife with exploitation, poor working conditions, and a range of human rights and labor abuses. Many Indonesian shoe factories did not even pay the minimum daily wage (at the time, 2,100 rupiah or about US$1). They petitioned the Indonesian government for exemptions to the legal minimum wage, claiming it would cause them â€Å"hardship† to pay.

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Witch s Reveal Band Of Heroes - 1494 Words

Witch’s Reveal Band of Heroes Scene: Boom! Crash! A lightning flash, was all that was heard as the scorched earth stood still and the group of Heroes were cast from the dark, dense, dull forest into a secluded canyon of sandstone. Thud! Thud! Thud! Prologue: Argh! Was all that was heard as the first hero slowly got up and carried himself over to the other half-conscious members of his group. Softly he shook his compatriots who both arguably refused to respond. Slap! The noise of his hand hitting across skin echoed throughout the canyon. Abruptly both compatriots with matching marks across their face rose up. Hero 1: Good evening, Edgar and Antonio. Edgar: As to you, Cato, now would you mind telling me, why I happen to have a mark†¦show more content†¦Cato: Ha, hags, they art just villainous hell-hat d clack-dish. Antonio: Quiet they may beest listening. Edgar: Aye, because they art just so interest d in a few nay magics lifes. Cato: Oh aye thou art so right Edgar. Antonio: Alas of both of thee, dont scream at which hour the hags cometh f r thee. Cato Edgar: Tis, we will. Time lapse from mid morning to sunset. Antonio: Soon twill beest twilight so let us stand ho and setteth up camp. Cato: i shall setteth off on a short hunt one hour at most cometh behold if t be true im not back. Edgar: Aye,well enow we shall, in the cullionly time i shall setteth fire and findeth some ferns and berries. Edgar: can thee holp me Antonio after thou art done gathering water fresh from the storm. Antonio: Certainly. Switch of Pov. As soon as Cato he saw a herd of wild buffalo, that were perhaps out to drink the water left from the storm he thought it was a definite win. the only problem was capturing one as he only had a short copper dagger and a short supply of arrows. Either way he got out his bow and started aiming. As Cato focused his aim on a buffalo by the edge of a river, and was about to release his arrow he felt a sudden chill of air which made him accidently shoot the arrow into the water alarming the buffalo and in a few seconds caused it to run which attracted the attention of the other buffalos which began to run as well until none were left. Cato let down by his false hopeShow MoreRelatedThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer5112 Words   |  21 Pagesdo the childish things he wouldve earlier and he does things for other people instead of just for himself. The setting of the story takes place in the city of St. Petersburg, Missouri, and Im guessing the time of the story is back in the late 1800s. Chapter 1 At the very beginning of the book, Aunt Polly (Tom Sawyers aunt), is searching for him high and low. I think this is a great way to start off the book because it already shows Toms criminal personality and you can already get theRead MoreLena Horne9265 Words   |  38 Pagesfrom her husband (they were formally divorced in June 1944) and moved to New York to restart her career. In December, she accepted an offer to join the orchestra of white bandleader Charlie Barnet, one of the few instances of integration among swing bands at the time. She made a handful of recordings with Barnet in January 1941 that were released on RCA Victors discount label Bluebird Records. After only a few months, however, the difficulties of encountering racial discrimination while touring andRead MoreEssay on Fall of Asclepius95354 Words   |  382 PagesThomas was horrified at what this person was doing. He was killing himself! Thomas finally gathered enough of his mentality back to really notice what w as wrong with this person. His skin was grey and bluish in different areas on the skin. It peeled to reveal fatty pus and rotten muscle tissue. The strangers eyes were faded to white like he had no soul. It was at that point Thomas put together everything that has happened, and what is wrong with this person. A... a zombie? Thomas choked. No... OhRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesaccepting inconsistencies; they are a sign of error. We made use of this logical-reasoning principle when we noticed that Juanitas advice to end the camping trip was inconsistent with Emilios advice to continue it. Detecting an inconsistency doesnt reveal where the fault lies, but it does tell us that a fault is present. If some man says the surface of Neptune on average is colder than 200 degrees below zero, and his sister says that its not nearly that cold, one of the two must be wrong about the

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Football Essay Research Paper This is a free essay sample

Football Essay, Research Paper This is a crwative essay merely A Steeler Game I harbor a batch of passion for the game of football. It? s more than merely a game to me. Some people fish or do crosswords. What I do to loosen up and hold merriment in my trim clip is watch or read about football. While engaged in watching or reading about this peculiar athletics, I escape from the mundane swot of life. Traveling to a clean event like a football game is hideous. The edifice anxiousness hebdomads before I attend a Steeler game can drive any normal fan to insanity. It? s 6:00 AM Sunday forenoon. There was no demand for an dismay to wake me up on this all right forenoon. I am about to pack my portable grill and a few instances of beer into my auto to travel on a two-hour route trip to Three Rivers Stadium. We will write a custom essay sample on Football Essay Research Paper This is a or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I am traveling to go to a Steeler game. On the route it? s WDVE on the wireless all the manner to Pittsburgh. Myron Cope, WDVE? s celebrated drama by drama analyst, sounds away. As usual he is every bit exited approximately toady as I am. Myron Cope is speaking about participants, hurts and managers. There are a batch of things he? ll talk about with Tunch Ilkin, his buddy and former Steeler participant. As they make their anticipations, as to how the twenty-four hours will travel for the Steelers, and other squads in the Steelers division. After two hours of listening to the analysts, its clip to pay the 10 dollars to park my auto. I open my auto door and its chaos. Organized pandemonium! Thousands of people ( fans ) parking their autos, puting up their grills and checking their first beer of the forenoon. All of this is go oning at 8:00 AM. The twenty-four hours has merely started, and it gets better. My breakfast on a twenty-four hours like today would dwell of two beefburgers over easy and 16 ounces of beer. In this sort of environment, Fruit Loops and O.J. merely won? t do. It seems as though a batch of fans feel the same manner I do. I smell nil but grilled nutrient and stale beer. For those of you who come from other planets, and with me being a responsible citizen of Earth, I must state you this. Siting in a parking batch or unfastened field, imbibing intoxicant, eating big measures of nutrient, and socialising before or after any football game is called tailgating. There are other things to see before the game even starts. Low winging aircraft with advertisement streamers in tow. You know the sort, the same 1s that interrupt your quiet clip at the beach every 10 proceedingss. Sometimes one of those immense Colonel Blimps will be winging over Three Rivers Stadium excessively. I truly like those Colonel Blimps, and the Colonel Blimps fly truly low to the land in the parking batch excessively. But I did non pay to see an air show. I came to watch a football game, and the lone thing that I want to see in the air is a football. And looking at Three Rivers Stadium is discontinue a site, in itself. It? s non merely its size, but its history that impress me. Well its clip to acquire inside the bowl to watch the game. I? ll base on balls many scalpers in the parking batch on my manner to the bowl. At this clip I? vitamin D like to turn to the visit Oregons from other planets once more. Scalpers are non Indians seeking to cut your brow off. No sir, they are worlds selling tickets to the game for three times their original value. I so acquire my game twenty-four hours plan. I ever buy this plan. It makes a great keepsake. Once inside the bowl, it? s a new universe. It? s nil like watching the game from place. Everything looks different ; the field is 10 times more colourful than on telecasting. The fans heartening are 10 times louder, and more exciting. It feels like you? re apart of something truly large. Once I sit down in my place, like most fans I stay at that place until halftime. And at that point in clip I wonder why I waited, because now I have to contend my manner in and out of the public toilet. That my friends, is the merely bad thing about traveling to a Steeler game. While the game goes on you have plentifulness of things to hearten, or kick about, but all the fans are on the same page. We are all one unit, the 12th adult male. To those of you who do non understand what that means. The 12th adult male represents all the fans, because there are 11 participants on the field for each squad. The place squad ever has the twelfth adult male because the fans are the 12th adult male. The place sq uad? s fans make so much noise by heartening on their squad, that it causes the sing squad to do errors. Fans have taken control of games before, merely by doing a batch of noise. That? s why the place squad ever has a little advantage. The 12th adult male is 65 thousand shouting fans. We? ll the game is over. Its clip to tailgate once more. For dinner I will eat, one half bag of ships, a few hot Canis familiariss, some kolbalsi, and murphy salad would be good excessively. We? ll wash that down with more beer. Its acquiring dark, its clip to pack up my things and travel place. but first I? ll stare at the metropolis before I leave. I would neer desire to populate in a metropolis the size of Pittsburgh. But it certainly is beautiful to look at, when it? s all illume up at dark. I will kip the whole manner place, and that? s the beginning of the terminal ; of my escapade. Your likely inquiring why, I did non state you who won the game. Well there is a batch more to this event, than the game itself. I have a great clip merely traveling to the game. It does do the twenty-four hours more fulfilling if the Steelers win the game. But life is more than winning, and fring. I know you? ve heard that earlier, but it? s merely when you believe that statement that you mature in another facet of your life. Life is about constructing memories, and some of my favourite memories are of conversations I? ve had with my friends, while we where tailgating. And there is the clip I took my stepson to his first Steeler game. You should hold seen his eyes light up, when he seen his favourite participant mark two touchdowns, merely 20 pess from where he was sitting. Everyone has their ain favourite interest, you might wish association football, fishing, or reading. When you think of your fondest memories. It should come as no surprise to you that most of them are at times in your life when your engaged in your favourite interest.

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SNAKES Essays - Colubrids, Venomous Snakes, , Term Papers

SNAKES Justin Keith Mr. Curtwright Biology Keith 1 Have you ever wondered exactly what a snake is? Snakes are elongated, limbless reptiles that have often appeared in art and mythology. Scientists have currently discovered an estimated 2,500-3,000 living species of snakes living throughout the world except in the arctic regions. There is one exception to the old world viper, which has been found as far north as Scandinavia (60? North Latitude). The size variation of snakes ranges from slender blind snakes (family Leptotyphlopidae) which reaches a maximum length of 13cm (5 in.), to the largest snake on record, the Asiatic reticulated python, which attained a record length of 10m (33 ft). Have you ever asked anyone what the phyical characteristics of a snake is? To answer your question: Snakes lack limbs, a sternum (breast bone), shoulder girdle, exterior ear openings, and urinary bladder, and most snakes (but not all) lack a pelvic girdle. There are two types of snakes: constrictors and poisonous. Constrictors will either stalk their prey or lay very still until Its prey come near it. It will then strike forward and wrap around the prey crushing it and cutting off all air supply. The initial strike takes less than one-half second. It will then swallow the prey animal head first because the hair of animals folds backwards and makes it easier to swallow. Poisonous snakes inject a very potent venom into their prey Keith 2 through fangs. There are three different class of venomous snakes: Opisthoglyphus (rear fanged), Proteroglyph (front fanged, with holes pointing outward for "spraying") and Solenoglyph (front fanged and carved). The most common of these three are Solenoglyphs, which have fangs that can be folded along the roof of the mouth. All snakes have powerful digestive enzymes to breakdown the hair, bones, and other parts of their preys' body. As part of the digestive system the salivary glands also produce powerful enzymes. If saliva containing these enzymes enters the wounds of a prey animal, it not only starts the digestive process, but also may cause such serous tissue damage that the prey dies. The destructive substances in a snakes venom include neurotoxins and hemotoxins. Neurotoxins paralyze the central nervous system and cause heart and respiratory failure; hemotoxins destroy blood vessels and blood cells and cause internal hemorragins. The different substances are not uniformly present in all snake venom, but vary with the species and the individual snakes within a species. Venom retains digestive powers; injected into a prey animal it may shorten the usual days-long digestive process of a snake by more than half. Less than one-third of the 2,500-3,000 living species of snakes are classified as venomous, and less than 300 species are fatal to humans. In the United States, more than twice as many people are killed by bees, wasps, and scorpion stings as by snake bites. Keith 3 There are four basic kinds of snake movement: Lateral (horizontal) undulation, conceltina movement sidewinding and rectilinear. Lateral undulating, also called serpentine movement is the most common form and is used by all snakes. By alternately contracting and relaxing muscles down each side of the body, the snake forms itself into a number of rearward-moving horizontal waves. While doing so, the snake maneuvers its body so that the rear of each backward moving wave pushes against something resistant. In concertania movement, also called earthworm movement, the snake anchors the forepart of its body and pulls the rest of its body behind it in the form of hoizontal curves; it then extends out the forepart of its body, anchors it, and repeats the process. Sidewinding is employed on soft sand or other surfaces that offer no resistance or slip. In sidewinding the snake loops its body into an S-shape, with only two points of its body coming in contact with the surface of the ground. It then progressively shifts the two contact points back along the body consequently propelling its body forward. Rectilinear, or caterpillar, movement involves a sliding of the skin back and forth over the body musculature and is therefor possible only in those kinds of snakes, such as rattlesnakes and boas, which do not have the skin tightly attached to the underlying musculature. The ribs remain essentially motionless, and the scales only provide body-to-ground friction. Keith 4 The vast majority of snakes lay

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Contrast First Draft essays

Comparison/Contrast First Draft essays An aggressive retort by the United States will have a better outcome than no action at all as a result of the terrorists acts in New York. If you live in America right now you cant turn around without being assaulted by the media blitz on the recent attacks of the World Trade Centers. Until this incident we had considered ourselves immune to any foreign massive attack on our own soil. How wrong that turned out to be! Even with all of our technologies in the military we had no way to stop these people. I watch CNN and listen to all of the different opinions that people have given, and frankly am aghast at what I hear. When people get on television and give interviews I first look at their credentials, which are most often supplied. When I see PhDs. MDs and other impressive educational achievements following their name I automatically give them some consideration. What do some of these folks have to say? More than a few of these people dont think that retaliation by us is the right thing to do. They dont want to beget violence with the same. If you think of Jesus and his philosophy of turning the other cheek, you have to agree.... somewhat. Why should America show the rest of the world how petty we are by making such a big thing out of a few thousand people getting killed by some lunatics? Dont forget also these suspects are renegades, not claimed by any country. This makes for a very elusive target, in that we shouldnt bomb a whole country for the mistakes of a few. In watching the coverage, I was struck by the tone of passive acquiescence. Not once, in hours of listening, did I hear anyone express righteous anger. No one said, coldly, but with deadly seriousness, People responsible for this are going to die. Our military leaders speak of how we cant act rashly and the need for caution, which most likely means nothing will be do ...

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Business start up Application form assesments Essay

Business start up Application form assesments - Essay Example Business Idea and the USP The key idea is to look for gifted amateur and professional actors (however, the preference will be given to amateurs and beginners). In fact, the industry is full of one-role actors and actresses, who are engaged in TV shows, advertisements and photo sessions. Therefore, the USP is based on the fact, that actors and photo models have to communicate with the audience through acting, and the key requirement for cooperation will be the ability to establish a dialogue with the spectator, creating the atmosphere of the close communication. Market Research and Test Trading In accordance with the brief web research, most dramatic artists, cooperating with talent agencies, position themselves as the universal actors for the on camera and voice over works mainly (45% and 32% correspondingly). The rest 23% are divided among commercial prints (13%), live corporate performances, including low quality stand-ups (8%), and performance management for private events (2%). T herefore, the business interest towards high quality acting is declining, while the demand for the high quality dramatic events is constant (in accordance with the live surveys). ... These are in need of talented actors, models, dancers, and design experts. 2. Spectators. While the agency is not dealing with the spectators directly, this audience assesses the quality of the actors’ work. In the light of such a division, the demographic categorization of the audience is not crucial, since the commercial and photo products are created for diverse categories. Skills, Experience and Qualifications Talent agency business is communications. The list of qualities and skills needed for running this business is as follows: 1. Organizational skills (including leadership and management) 2. Communicative and persuasive skills: for communicating with the actors, and the category-one target customers 3. Perfect face, name, and phone number memory 4. Ability to stay aware of the latest business events 5. Professional intuition and artistic flair, needed for finding the right actors and models among the others. 3 Months Action Plan Month one: Rent and equip the office Emp loy office manager, and one deputy agent to train Start promo campaign Set up contacts with administrations of the art and drama faculties, administrations of the amateur and professional theaters, and other talent agencies if possible. These contacts will be required for finding the necessary characters and dramatic types (with further creation of the database) Signing contracts with at least five studios Month two: Continue filling in the database Establish contacts with producers and agencies Sign another 5+ contracts Month three: Employ two more deputies and delegate them the task to look for actors and models in amateur theaters and among students Extend the promo campaign for increasing the search and cooperation geography Sign 8+ contracts Benefits